“Eco 190 plastic” with an internal stove


The uniqueness of the hot tub lies in its easy-to-care-for fiberglass insert, luxurious thermo wood cladding, and high-quality stainless steel internal stove.

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The set includes:

  • stainless steel internal stove (25 kW) with ash cleaning equipment
  • 2 meter chimney with heat protective grille and chimney cap
  • Thermo wood cladding finished with weather protective stain
  • Two-tier step
  • Glassfiber insert in Grey, White or Blue.

In addition, a wide range of accessories can be ordered for the hot tub: LED lighting (RGB), bubble system, digital thermometer, cupholders, filter system, PVC cover and concrete hot tub base.

Additional information

Inimeste arv / Number of people: 6
Kütteaeg 5-38°C / Heating time 5-38°C: 2-3 h
Väline läbimõõt / Outer diameter: 2070 mm
Sisemine läbimõõt / Inner diameter: 1900 mm
Kõrgus / Height: 1050 mm
Sügavus / Depth: 985 mm
Küttepuude pikkus / Lenght of firewood: kuni 40 cm
Kaal / Weight: 250 kg
Kümblustünni sisu värv: Must, Hall, Sinine, Valge