Tubular sauna 580

Classic, the largest and most spacious tubular sauna. The round shape of the sauna gives good air circulation in the steam room and thus the best steam. The large steam room can accommodate up to 8 sauna enthusiasts at a time, there is a separate washroom and a spacious lounge for dressing and relaxing.

A year-round solution that is well-suited to our climate.

The sauna heating solution can be chosen according to your wishes, either Harvia or Huum wood burning heater. The water tank on top of the heater ensures pleasant humidity in the steam room, and you can also get your steam water from there.



The set includes:

  • wall material 28/42 mm. Spruce or thermal pine;
  • under the heater and in the back wall, a fireproof and heat-resistant minerit plate;
  • ventilation grilles in the wall;
  • sauna bench, the material being alder or thermo alder;
  • floor gratings;
  • front door wooden lockable;
  • bronze glass sauna doors;
  • two windows in the front wall, one of them openable;
  • two windows in the back wall, one of them openable;
  • roofing material bituminous shingles Katepal (black, brown, gray, red or green).


  • Harvia Legend 150 wood burning heater;
  • Huum HIVE wood burning heater;
  • Heater stones;
  • Stainless, fireproof chimney;
  • Water tank 30 L on top of the heater;
  • Crescent or a full circle glass in the back wall;
  • The first glass wall;
  • Glass partitions;
  • Lighting in the sauna and outdoors;
  • Stereo system – (radio, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, speakers, antenna);
  • Exterior finish with Sikkens glaze;
  • Interior finishing with Tikkurila Sauna Supi.

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