Tubular sauna 400 with a terrace

2-room tubular sauna with a terrace for year-round use. A spacious steam room can accommodate up to 7 saunas on the bench at a time. There is a separate 127 cm wide room for dressing and a compact terrace with seating for cooling off. This way, the whole company can always fit comfortably, regardless of the season or the weather.

In our climate, an ideal solution for a medium-sized group for year-round use of the sauna.



  • Dimensions: 205 Ø x 400 cm
  • Number of people: 5-7
  • Weight: 1020kg
  • Door dimensions: 169×59 cm
  • Window dimensions: 66,5×30 cm
  • Exterior wall: 42mm
  • Inner wall: 28mm
  • Material: spruce, thermal spruce

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