Tubular sauna 280 with a terrace

Spacious 1-room sauna with a wood-burning heater, with a 210 cm long bench in each wall, seating 4-6 people. In front of the steam room, there is a compact terrace with seating where you can cool off or wait for your turn. Tubular Sauna 280 weighs only 770kg, which provides more opportunities for transportation and enjoyment of the sauna in a location with limited facilities.

If you are looking for a spacious 1-room sauna, then Tubular Sauna 280 is a very attractive candidate.



  • Dimensions: 205 Ø x 280 cm
  • Number of people: 4-6
  • Weight: 770 kg
  • Dimensions: 169×59 cm
  • Dimensions: 66,5×30 cm
  • Exterior wall: 42mm
  • Inner wall: 28 mm
  • Material: spruce, thermal spruce

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