Wood burning sauna heater stones HARVIA 10-15 cm


Harvia olivine-diabase heater stones are selected according to old traditions so that they ensure the best authentic sauna atmosphere. Harvia heater stones provide a pleasant, soft heat. Chopped heater stones are the only right stones for electric heaters and woodburning stoves, as they store a lot of heat, and the water evaporates efficiently from a large surface at the fracture site. It is also convenient to place angled chopped stones in the heater. In electric heaters, this is especially important so that the heat can be distributed in the sauna room as efficiently as possible between the hot stones and the heating elements. Good air circulation in the stone chamber helps the electric heating elements to last as long as possible.



Stones with a diameter of 50-100 mm are suitable for low-power wall-mounted heaters. Larger (100-150 mm) heater stones are especially suitable for larger electric heaters with woodburning stoves.

It is recommended to wash all stones to remove stains or dust that may cause an unpleasant odor when using the heater for the first time.

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