Hot tub 180 with internal stove


This is a classic wooden hot tub, which requires some care and a more personal approach, while appealing to a person who prefers affordable solutions and more natural materials.

During hot summer days, it is advisable not to leave the hot tub without water, as the wood may contract and crack. It will then take longer for the wood to absorb water and swell, after filling. So it is easier to keep your tub at least half full at all times. We recommend that you change the water immediately before using it.



The set includes:

AISI 304 stainless steel internal stove (25 kw)

2 meter chimney with heat protective grille and chimney cap

Ash cleaning equipment



You can choose from extras to go with your tub, such as:

cupholders, filter system, PVC lining, PVC cover, wooden cover and concrete base.


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Additional information

Inimeste arv: kuni 6
Kütteaeg 5-38°C: 2-3 h
Maht: 1900 L
Väline läbimõõt: 1870 mm
Sisemine läbimõõt: 1716 mm
Kõrgus: 1050 mm
Sügavus: 870 mm
Küttepuude pikkus: kuni 30 cm
Kaal: 250 kg