Camping house “Triangular”

We will take you back in time and remember our school and children's camps. Our forest house is inspired by the time when the grass was greener, and the sky was bluer. In the old days, when we were kids, such campsites were pretty popular. The triangular 3 × 4.4-meter camping houses can comfortably accommodate 2-4 people. The 3-meter-high camping house with a round window reminds us of fond childhood memories.



In terms of its design, the camping house is suitable everywhere – in the yard, in the forest, on a tourist farm, etc.

  • Dimensions: 300 × 440,
  • Number of people: 2-4,
  • Weight: 1 020 kg,
  • Door dimensions: 180×70 cm,
  • Window dimensions: 90 Ø cm,
  • Material: spruce,

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