Helena Tammeorg (saunas, camping houses)

Sales assistant

Tel: +372 509 1882 / +372 5561 3623

Janeli Arras (hot tubs)

Sales assistant

Tel:  +372 516 0518

Inna Knight (saunas, camping houses)

Sales assistant

Tel: +372 515 4350

Mart Kalve

Production Manager (saunas)

Tel: +372 5199 8233

Jalmar Flink

Production Manager (hot tubes)

Tel: +372 5394 0436

Merilin Koor

Assistant CEO

Tel: +372 509 1882 / +372 553 7293

Marek Kamla

CEO, Board member

Tel: +372 5661 5676

Ecosauna Project OÜ produces luxurious hot tubs, both traditional and specially designed saunas, and camping houses. The key to our rapid growth and success is a professional team, long-term experience, carefully selected materials, high-quality production, and loyal customers both at home and abroad.

We have over 4500m2 of production space at our disposal, of which about 800m2 belongs only to the production and development of DeLux hot tubs. The rest of the area is used to make saunas, campsite equipment, and other products on a daily basis. Our team consists of almost 40 nice people, all of whom are specialists in their field and dedicated to their work.

In cooperation with good partners, we export our products to more than 30 countries around the world.